Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Family Photos

I am a fan of the non-traditional family photos. One of my favorite photographers used to do a shot of the family in the front yard on a couch. I always wanted one like that. Now I know the quality is nothing compared to my favorite photographer, but I still like the pictures.

When I told Mark the picture I wanted he thought it was a good idea, but didn't want to drag our couch into the front yard. Lucky for me he likes perusing Craigslist. The other day there was a listing for a free couch in Villas. He picked it up for the picture, we took the picture, put the couch by the road and someone else snagged it. Thanks, Mark!


Sherry said...

LOVE the pictures. Great job Mark. Can you be on the lookout for me an overstuffed big red chair...free of course and in the Villas would help. :-)
Love the family photo.

Love, MOM

T.Mark.D. said...

Can you see my hand on katie's arm in the kid picture?

I don't want anyone thinking that we leave or kids in the front yard to climb items twice as tall as them.

This from the family that wanted to do the Christmas photo dressed in Sunday best and under water in our neighbor's pool.


Kami said...

Love it! Love it! Your house also looks great! The color with the color of the door is gorgeous. Far cry from the black house it used to be, huh?

carole said...

Those are some cute pictures!!! You guys are always doing something funny and different... What do you have up your sheeve for picture taking when you come out EAST???

kellyd said...

GREAT Pictures!! Using the couch was a great idea (even if it wasn't yours to begin with:)!

I also enjoyed the olympic games you held at your house....it seemed like so much fun!! Can I be part of your family?


christy said...

love the updates and especially the couch picture! i really have a creative desire but never seem to be able to pull anything off! and mark.....until i blew up the picture i was a little curious how far away an adult was from katie :) kidding, never doubted!

freetobeme - Anita said...

What a clever idea for a family photo! And for the kids to be goofy on!