Monday, August 18, 2008


Well Hurricane Fay never made it to a hurricane, but we were prepared for it anyway. Mark had been wanting to cut out plywood and use these new clamps he had bought for hurricane shutters and this storm allowed us time to do that.

Here you can see the girls having fun on our 'storm shutters.' Emily isn't really afraid, just being a ham. Katie finds this all to be new and exciting. She offered to help Daddy with the boards.
Mark was very happy with the new brackets he bought for the windows. He assures me that next hurricane the boards will go up very quickly. Something to look forward too.
Here is our little Hurricane documentation. Hopefully we won't need to fill in anymore pieces! Hope all of you Floridians had a safe day!

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Sherry said...

PRAISE THE LORD!!! we were all kept safe during the storm. Love your signs of the past Hurricanes.

Love, MOM