Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lion Country Safari

This Sunday and Monday we went on a short getaway to Lion Country Safari. It was a nice getaway and we had good time hanging out together. We picked a good time to go. On MOnday we were the first people in line and the park was practically empty. The kids got to go on anything they wanted to.

The highlight of the park is the drive through safari. We went through it 2 times so that we could see all of the animals closely. The monkeys were especially entertaining. They swung on their ropes and monkey bars alot. Ty enjoyed the 'Pippos' which were actually Rhinos.
We rented the a cabin at the KOA right next door to the park. You can actually hear the lions roaring. The man told me that we are sleeping 200 feet away from them.
It was a very hot day, but we still had to grill out hot dogs.

They also have a separate part of the park that has rides and boats and a waterpark. I couldn't believe it when Mark let the girls go on their own! They did a great job handling the paddle boat. I envisioned them stuck out in the middle of the alligator infested lake, but they did just fine.Ty liked going on the boat with Daddy.
Katie and I chilled out in the shade. She practiced more of her walking at the park. She is getting pretty good.

Emily on the Rhino, Sarah on the Monkey
Sarah loves miniature golf and this was included in the price. NICE!

I loved the Giraffe feeding area. The tongues are quite gross! You can see Ty wouldn't look at Mark for the picture. He was too leary of the big giraffes behind us. Sarah opted out of the giraffe feeding, which I can totally understand.

See the tongue! It was slobbery too. I like the difference between Emily and Sarah's expressions.
Ty and I fed him together.
To my dismay, Mark helped Katie feed him. She tried to hold on to the cracker for herself. I think she might have been hungry.
This is how Mark fed the giraffe. WIMP!

Our 4 kiddos.

Ty loves maps! He walked around the park with this one and whenever he saw something that he remembered being on the map we had to stop. He would find it on the map and say, "here it is" and then proceed to go to the next spot. He does a very good job with maps. He has alot of Mark's attributes.


Kathi said...

What an amazing trip! Looks like so much fun. We were able to feed the Giraffe at the Birmingham Zoo. I loved it. Giraffes are my favorite zoo animal.

Love the part about Ty looking at the map. too cute.

:) Kathi

kellyd said...

We're going to have to go there sometime. It looks really fun!! I didn't realize Mark was so wimpy:) Just kidding. I'm glad you guys had a great time!!


carole said...

Thanks for sharing all those pictures...I knew Kathi would love them as she loves zoos!!!

amy said...

Those tongues are a little freaky...

Sherry said...

Love the pictures. Looks like you had a GREAT time. I want to go next time.
So, the girls can go on a paddle boat all by themselves now??? Way to go girls. I bet that was fun. Love the photo of Ty looking at the map.
Love, MOM