Saturday, August 16, 2008


The Olympics are keeping me from updating my blog. Did you see the Phelps race last night? Amazing! We loved here.

Last Saturday we went to SunSplash. It was Family Fun Night, so everyone got in for $5 each. Good deal compared to their usual prices.

Emily loves all the big slides. In the picture below I was riding with her and we flipped out of our tube at the end. Do you see my arm holding up the tube?

She loved it!
Ty loved the kiddie area. There was hardly anyone there in the beginning, so we had the place to ourselves. Sarah is in between right now. A bit too big for this area, but not quite ready for the big slides. She did try the pink slides toward the end and loved them.

Mark enjoyed going down the slides with the girls. This looks almost painful to me.
Surrounded by 1000's of splashing, laughing people, Katie fell asleep. :)

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christy said...

looks like a blast! i love katie's swimsuit.....i almost got skylar the same one! i think every little girl has that suit right now! it's almost cheap enought at target!