Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympics Time!

As you know I love the Olympics! Friday we got into the Spirit of things by having Chinese for dinner. We love Chinese, so this was perfect for us.

The kids all made their own torches to carry for our family Olympics. If you look closely you can see that Team Ty was so confident that he ate a granola bar during the opening ceremonies.

Team Emily-Gold Medal in Running
Team Sarah-Gold Medal in Hula Hoop
Team Ty-Goal Medal in Block Building
Team Katie- Gold Medal in Block Dismantling

We made up our own backyard (or in this case frontyard) games to play for the family Olympics.
---on a side note, doesn't our grass look great! We have had such a wet summer that it has done wonders for our lawn.
This was the hula hoop toss. I was a disappointing fourth place. We are laughing at something Mark said.


carole said...

Tab.. Looks like you had a great Olympics.. Who won??? What did you have to eat? Chinese??? I'll save those pictures.. they are so cute. Glad to see you posted again.. Hey! Girl! YOU can't be that busy.. Why does not Mark post anymore??

Sherry said...

Love the olympics. Looks like you all had a great time!!!!


crazyinlove said...

helo... i like the way you manage your family...I am inspired by you. i hope I can build also the same. Your kids are so cute & smart.... photogenic too... see yah.I will link you at my site.

carole said...

The reason I ask about what you were eating is because the first time the pictures came through, there were no words... So I just guessed at the pictures because I know you said you were doing the Games...MOM