Friday, August 1, 2008

Michigan 2

We had a good time arriving in Michigan. When Keela and I got to the airport we called Robin. We figured she would get us even if it was late at night. She didn't answer her phone! That put us in a panic. We never figured that into the plan. So, we called Mark and he rented us a car for $30. Good deal! Keela called at 1230am to ask about her day and then we started ringing the door bell. Mom and Kami were spending the night and they were all scared until they looked out the window. We stayed up until after 2am talking. Katie just crawled around smiling.
This is just a sampling of Mammaw's greatgrandchildren.
I think Mammaw looks great here! She does a wonderful job hosting 140+ people at her house each year. I actually honored her request and used the porta-john this year. (just one time)
Katie ha a great time and explored the yard with the gorgeous Michigan grass. She enjoyed the attention she got, but was excited to see the rest of her family when we got home.


oodrea1221 said...

I'm SO happy for you all, that all 4 sisters were able to make it. SO fun, you and Keela just hopping on a plane and going up there...and that Mark rented you a car so late & you totally freaked out your mom and sis! Love Katie's red hair and the pics of the 4 of you together...reminds me of highschool...WAY back when!


kellyd said...

Love the pictures!! I had no idea what you had gone through those couple of days:) I'm glad you got to spend time with your family...I'm sure it was fun!

I also liked the pictures of the kids. Tell Sarah that I look forward to her blog!!