Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ty dresses himself.

Ty is into the phase where he likes to try to dress himself and pick out his clothes.

Below you can see that he is sleeping in his Firetruck Man outfit. Please not this is not a fireman outfit. He is sure of that! Really it is a very, very warm raincoat that he has decided resembles a fireman's outfit. He insisted on wearing it to bed one night. I took it off before I went to bed and he was soaked in sweat.

(I really need to get him a different pillow case.)

He loves this headband and likes to wear my backpack. Ty is such a fun guy!


kellyd said...

Love it...Ty IS so much fun!! I really liked the picture of him in the "fireman outfit." What a character:)


Sherry said...

Love the pictures. That is SOOO Ty. I loved it when he came to visit in his Fireman Truck outfit. So cute.

Love, MOM

oodrea1221 said...

TY LOOKS SO BIG in the pic with your backpack! WOW... is he really going to be 3 soon?! Can that be?! LOVE the couch pics and the Olympics one...and the storm shutters with the list of storms you've survived. Glad Fay wasn't too bad...and that you're enjoying homeschooling so much, already! Wish we could see you next week. Have fun at the Safari! :)