Friday, September 19, 2008

NBC Studios

Today we went on a great homeschooling field trip. We were able to tour NBC studios. Thank you Jenna for setting this up.

Here is our group ready to go!

They enjoyed seeing themselves on TV. They acted like...well...they acted like kids. How fitting.

Here is Emily with Heather Turco. Heather is the morning news anchor. She very graciously stayed late to give us the tour. She did an excellent job and had a great knack for sharing lots of information, but never talking above the kids. I think all of us learned something during our visit.

We watched part of the noon broadcast with Craig Wolf. It was really neat to see a live show. Right before they went to commerical, he mentioned that we were in the studios watching.
Here are our future news anchors behind the ABC desk. The facility is shared by NBC and ABC.
Here there are at the news desk for NBC. I thought they looked pretty newsy. :)


ruth said...

What an awesome field trip!! Awesome memories for your kids to have. And really generous of the news people there. Hope you have a great time with Mark's mom and dad in the next few days.

Kami said...

I would have loved loved loved to go on this field trip! Sounds like a great one...what's planned for december field trips?
Love ya,

freetobeme - Anita said...

What a great time for the kids. Educational but fun!

Dillehay said...

Way to go girls! I am always proud of you. This will be a great photo to keep if one of you makes this your job for life.

Just think, I could see you everyday, even if you did not come to my house.

Your dad,

ruth said...

Hi Tabitha...feels like we're friends even though we've never met:). So...friend to friend I wanted to throw in a couple of tips for your D.C. trip which you can take or leave at your discretion. Obviously there are amazing historical things everywhere in D.C. but...for a great kid friendly tour that involves humor, history and fun I highly recommend the "Ride the Ducks" tour that leaves from Union Station. I know it sounds dorky but truthfully my whole family young and old loved it. Also...the zoo was great, and they have a lot of special shows you can watch where they bath an elephant, etc. and of course the pandas are amazing. The Old Post Office was a great place for a little souvenior shopping and it did have a Ben and Jerry's too:)...sorry you know how I am about ice cream:). It was so incredibly hot when we were there but I have a feeling your weather will be just right...plan on lots of walking!! And have a great time.

oodrea1221 said...

I vote for NBC...have always preferred their news shows (don't think it has anything to do with Matt Lauer?!)...great field trip! Loved the birthday pics too...just don't have time to comment again... back to the grind!


Sherry said...

I can see Emily and Sarah being the news anchor for NBC. Great field trip. Wish I was there.
Love and miss you,
Love, MOM/Grandma