Thursday, September 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Katie!

One year ago today, Katie Jensen joined us!
It is hard to believe our baby is 1 year old! This has been a wonderful year and I wanted to include a few (ok--tons) of pictures of our little girl.

Bet you didn't think I would start this far back. :)
This picture is from the 3d ultrasound. You can see her hand in front of her face.

I love her little scrunched up face in this picture.

In Daddy's arms. Awww.

This is probably my favorite picture of Katie as a baby. We used it for her annoucement.

This was her 2nd Sunday at church. I just like this picture. Not sure why, but it has always been a favorite of mine.

I just find this picture funny. Katie was a great sleeping baby. We took her to Disney at 1 month old and she slept through must of the days we were there. When she was 8 months old we took her to Cedar Point and she slept through a lot of that too.

Long about this time I decided I like the sideways face shot. Hint: You will see this again in a few pictures.

Love this one! She was a thumb sucker for awhile, but when teeth came along she decided to give that up. Funny that so many people told me it would be hard to break her of that habit.

See told you we would see it again.

She briefly switched from thumb sucking to finger sucking. She fell asleep between bites for this picture. I told you she was a good sleeper.

7months old

These are from today. We stayed home most of the day so we could just play/
She loves her pink car. I love the little expression on her face.
We went to Dairy Queen and met the family to celebrate. Thanks for coming!
Happy Birthday Katie! We love you!


ruth said...

Your pictures are awesome and even though I may never see you guys in person, it's nice to be connected over your blog. Glad you had such a good time celebrating Katie on her birthday. God is good!

Sherry said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATIE!!!! I love you. I can't believe you are already one year old. And you are so smart, and walking and you know exactly how to have the bathtub all to yourself. :-) Can't wait till you birthday party.
Tabitha, I love the way you did the pictures. Seeing how much she has changed in one year is amazing. Glad you started with the 3D. Love all of them.
Love, MOM/Grandma

Kami said...

Happy Birthday Katie!
Wow! It's so neat to see picutures displayed like that from the past year. You do such an excellent job, Tab

carole said...

Tab.. Looks like you had a fun time at DQ for Katie's birthday... Looks like lots of gifts!! Sorry that we can't make it to all the parties but with 18 grandchilden! Grandma m.h.

oodrea1221 said...

Thanks for that year in review... it was funny...I was wondering where the pic with the red chair was, and then it showed up! LOVE all the pics...glad you started with one of the very first!

Love to little Katie!