Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother Daughter Banquet

Last night was our church's mother daughter banquet. It was an extra special one for me. Mrs. Judy started by reading a letter that was given to her. Little did I know that Emily wrote the letter. Here is Emily's letter:

Dear Mrs. Judy,
Hello! As always I am sure you are going to have a Mother of the Year and I would like to nominate my mother. She loves and cares for us kds with all her heart. I don't know what I would do without a mom like her. Whenever I need her she is always there. Not just that, she also teaches us so that we can have a good education with a bible based meaning. She is also a very Christian women who loves God and her church. So the Dillehay children hereby nominate Mrs. Tabitha Dillehay for the Mother of the Year.
Love The Dillehay Kids

I was surprised and thrilled to get the beautiful letter. It is always nice to be honored, but I think the letter is what I will treasure the most.


Kari Bergman said...

Did you not know until the end of the letter being read that it was written by Emily? Wow! You are definately going to keep that along with the memory of the honor. The letter is priceless though. And Tabitha, you really are a great mom!

Sherry said...

I was so proud!!! And proud of Emily too. You are great Mom and I'm glad Miss Judy made you
"Mother of the Year"
Love you