Friday, May 7, 2010

King's Kids Jamboree

Tonight was one of my favorite nights of the year.

King's Kids is our Wednesday Night Program at church. Mark and I are in charge of the program and it has been such a blessing to us. Most years Pastor Sutton runs a Jamboree where we compete against other area churches. It is an all day Saturday event. Due to some scheduling difficulties it was decided we would not be having it this year.

After some discussion we elected to have our own Jamboree. It was a different not to have 3 or 4 other churches, but still turned out to be a very nice night.

Here we are with our King's Kids. Emily won 1st place in the Bible Memory Contest. She was thrilled! This is an event that she spent a lot of time on. Sarah was heartbroken to finish 4th. (She forgot a 'the'. ) She had about 30 more verses ready to go. When we got home she told me she was so happy for Emily to win, because she still has 3 more years to try to win it and Emily only has one.

We work with several amazing helpers. They make our lives so much easier. Our King's Kids workers tonight were Patty, Scott, Bonnie and Gina. Jenna and Angie always work with us, but were unable to come tonight. Here is our group from tonight.
Emily, Sarah and Hannah were awarded journals and pens for memorizing all of Psalms 96. These are 3 hard working girls!

Alison and Baileigh did a great job! Allison won the Quiz Bowl Competition. It was a hard fought match. Emily ended up 2nd and Sarah 3rd.
Here are our 5 quizzers. I don't think Mark ever finished one entire question. They were up and ready to give the answer quicker than most of us processed what he was saying. I'm so proud of all of them.
We did 6 different relay races. 3 were Bible based and 3 were just fun.

Sarah on the scooter relay.

Brooke working on the Beatitudes Matching.

We invited the parents and family to join us dinner before the Jamboree started. It was a good time of fellowship.

One of our races was the Jelly Bean Race. The kids had to use a straw to carry a Jelly Bean to a bowl. Many of them ended up on the floor and the kids had to get it from there to the bowl.

Our King's Kids Girls (we are missing Bethany. She was unable to make it tonight.)

This is the the poster we made to memorize Psalms 96. I had planned on learning it with them, but I didn't quite make it. The girls put lots of time in to preparing for the Jamboree this year. We are so happy to see their dedication.


carole said...

That was sure a GREAT Jamboree !! Thanks for inviting us... We were so proud of you and Mark and also of Emily and Sarah !! They deserved ALL the ribbons and the trophies !!!

Sherry said...

Great Job tonight. You guys did Fantastic. So proud of all of you. I am just so amazed at how all the kids had so many Bible verses memorized. Amazing!!!

Kari Bergman said...

So happy to hear that they are memorizing scripture so well! I am sure that little Ty will follow them in memorizing too. Mom said they have to know every little 'a' and 'the'. It sounds like a great and fun outreach and discipline for your church kids too. And of course, the best workers anyone could ask for - Mark and Tab Dillehay!! :)