Saturday, May 15, 2010


After church on Mother's Day we left for a quick getaway to Orlando. We haven't taken much time off lately and it was so nice to getaway from the normal swing of things.

Arabian Nights was running a special Homeschool Rate so we attended the show. All the kids enjoyed watching the horses. They have changed the storyline since last time we went there. We were very glad about that.

Katie had a mouth infection during the trip. The poor thing could hardly eat and was quite miserable. Luckily she started to feel better on the last day.

We used our Give A Day, Get A Day passes that we had earned back in January. All we had to do is buy a ticket for Ty. What a great deal!
Emily and Sarah got started in Pin Trading this time. They loved trading pins with castmates and were always improving their collection.

Emily's new boyfriend?

Emily and Sarah used to hate 3-D attractions. They were terrified to watch them. This time I made them try Philharmagic and thy both loved it!

I was driven by Katie! (We hit the rails alot)
Ty enjoyed being the navigator.

We had a great time and can't wait to go back to Disney.


Kari Bergman said...

Sounds like an absolutely awesome get away for the family! Boy doesn't Ty look like his dad? What are the girls collecting? like souvenir pins or what? I can see a little of Andrea in Katie. I don't know when we will be back to FL again, probably not til next Fall but would love to do Disney and Epcot then with you all. We are planning a trip to Texas in the Fall this year.

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Hi all,
Have not been on your blog since the new look. Like it a lot. You all look like you are having a ball at Disney. Blessings,