Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Thanks, Aunt Keela!

A few weeks ago, Keela had the ladies over for brunch. She made a yummy Noodle/Sausage Casserole. I knew my family would like it. I asked her for the recipe and viola!...she gave me the recipe and a bag of ingredients to make it. Wow! That is nice.
(Makes me think...hmmm... William keeps complimenting my Sweet Potato Casserole....hmmm.)

As you can see it was a big hit. Thank you, Keela! You are a wonderful sister!

Mark (with the help of the rest of us) is rebuilidng/remodeling the kids fort out back. Ty is enjoying working with Daddy. This is his new pose. What gang is he in??

We had a great time at William and Keela's pool on Sunday. Thanks for having us over!


Keela said...

I am glad you enjoyed it, it was my pleasure!
We had a fun time at the pool with you all, we need to do that more often.
we LOVE your sweet potatos!!!

Jenna said...

OK now I think I need that recipe. (Ingredients don't have to be included.) Great job Tabitha with Kings Kids Water Night. What a great success!