Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a productive and fun Memorial Day Weekend. For awhile now Mark has wanted to redo the playset in the backyard. We built the original one before Ty was born and felt we needed to reconfigure it to better fit the needs of the kids.

This time around we had more help.
We had 1 cubic yard of sand delivered to add to the sandbox. The kids and I moved all of it from this pile to the sandbox. Let me tell you that is very hard work.
(Kathi-I thought it was cool when I saw that you had sand delivered too.)

Here is our finished product. You can't see the swing side very well, but we have one long beam with 3 spots for swings. We may add a roof of some sort to the top, but haven't decided yet.

For Memorial Day we had the family over. It was Randy's birthday too, so Taylin brought a cake. It was a hot day, so we also set up the slip n slide.

Katie loves the yellow slide. She climbs up, slides down all the time.

I wish I had a picture of Logan and Ty to add, but they were too busy playing to pose for me.
Tonight was the last night of King's Kids until September. We will miss working with the kids every week. I think the adults have as much fun as the kids sometimes.

I took a group shot tonight. This pictures makes me laugh. Ty is rather rambunctios and as you can see he has a partner in crime. I do have a better one with their hands down, but this one makes me laugh.


Anonymous said...

Dillehay Family!

GREAT job with the swing set!! It looks like soooo much fun! We miss you all! Have fun in the back yard!


The Huxley's

christy said...

i love your playset! we have the same slide on ours that bob built....isn't it fun creating fun spaces for the kids?!?!