Thursday, December 4, 2008

posting again...

Wow! I can't believe the lapse in posting that I have had lately. Things have just been busy. My free time is consumed with Christmas plans, not blogging. I just finished by card tonight and I am quite pleased with it. I can't wait to get it back from the printer.

I thought I would share a few picks from the month of November.

Grandma Sherry bought Ty this tool set at a garage sale. Great deal and he loves it.

Emily and Sarah had friends over to play. They had a great time! They are all holding wax balls from dipping their hands in hot wax.Emily and Sarah are great helps around the house. They are learn lots of new things and really pitching in with the work around the house. Mark was out of town for work for a couple of days in November. I appreciated all the help I got from the girls. They are great workers!

Katie is enjoying the American Girl Magazine. She is turning into quite the independent girl lately. She loves to do things herself and is working on mastering the fork. She does pretty good as long as there is no ketchup on the plate. She prefers licking ketchup as opposed to using it for dipping. hmmm
Mammaw came to visit for a week and Kami is also in town too. This picture was taken on Mammaw's first day. We had a picnic at Lakes Park. Other than the bees we had a great time.

Emily and Sarah are studying the Egyptians. We learned about how they made papyrus and practiced by making homemade paper. It was a fun process.

The girls had their first cheerleading competition this month and earned first place! Way to go girls!
Sarah is on the far right holding up a girls leg. Emily is next to her, holding up the girl.Emily is one of the bases for this stunt.There group has two teams. Both teams won first place.
I could do without the lipstick, but the girls sure loved getting to wear for the competition! :)
We surprised them by going to SeaWorld while we up in Orlando. Sadly, this is the last time SeaWorld is doing the free passes for teachers. We plan to use ours as much as we can between now and 12/09.
Emily and Sarah enjoyed feeding the dolphins. (Thank you for the passes Andrea! We appreciated it.)

Ty wasn't into the masked people, but the girls were happy to pose.

They have way more rides than last time we were there. The crowds were slim, so the girls rode a lot!
They loved the Shamu roller coaster. I think they rode it 5 or 6 times.

We spent Thanksgiving week enjoying Grandma and Grandpa Motorhome (Dillehay) and ate dinner with everyone at my Mom's house.

We are looking forward to December. My goal is to not be consumed with all the activity, but to sit back and reflect on the reason for the celebration.
We head to Michigan tomorrow (well now it is today). I talked to Mammaw today and she said it was 20 degrees, but it would get cold tomorrow. What! I think 20 is pretty cold enough!


christy said...

great update! we just went to sea world and disney world too, had a blast!!! have fun in michigan....stay warm!! i had just been thinking how cold it's been here, we've had the heat on at night! :)

kellyd said...

You have been busy!! Thanks for the did your paper turn out?

Congratulations, girls, on first place in your competition!!

I hope you have a great time in MI... we will miss you!!


oodrea1221 said...

Welcome to my was supposed to get into the mid 40s and then 50s tomorrow, to melt all the snow, so David could put up our Christmas lights (yes, that was the reason for the warmer weather), but I don't think it got above 24 today! :) It's beautiful when it's sunny here though...
THANKS for the update and you are very welcome for the fish coupon! Thanks for the shout out too! good to see you all again...esp Emily holding Katie--they are getting so big...I remember when Emily was that age! And I loved the comment on the lipstick, b/c the first think I thought was, "Is Sarah wearing lipstick?!" ENJOY MICHIGAN! Happy trails...

amy said...

It looks like you have been having some great time with your family. Great pictures. Have a safe trip.!!