Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our Visit to Michigan

Better late than never that I get these pictures posted.

We had a great time in Michigan. It was a quick, jam packed trip with lots of snow!

Sarah loved the minivan we rented. We went through the drive through and she paid and picked up the food through the back seat roll down window.

We rented a motel in West Branch with Kristy and Kari's family. Santa was there on Saturday morning, so some of the kids jumped out of the pool and ran to get their picture taken with him.

There was a great open area that we used for meals and game playing.

Katie did get to swim, but was always wanting to get in for more. She loved having a little freedom to walk around and explore in the indoor area.

Emily is sharing her vast pool knowledge with Elizabeth. Sadly, I must admit that they beat me.

Umm. I don't think you are supposed to be up there Emily.

The pool was very nice. Warm and big enough for all the wild and crazy kids! Our kids had a blast visiting with their cousins.

We also had a chance to visit at Kristy's house.

Sarah loved their dog, Chloe. She now says she wants a pug for Christmas. Santa doesn't do dogs.

Kristy was gracious enough to let the girls take a turn on the horses.

I love this picture.

Katie enjoyed Mammaw's steps. She would torment me by wanting to climb up them. She was a little nosy at Mammaw's. house. She even reset her answering maching so that it is now set in a different language. Oops.

The girls loved the snow!

We went to Greenfield Village with Robin, Mary, Ethan and Sadie. We were all determined to go, but it was very, very cold. Mark, Mary, Sarah, Ty and Sadie left early. Robin, Emily, Ethan and myself braved it to the very cold end. There was ice skating, warming stations, model T rides, Santa and lots of other fun things to see and do.

We exchanged gifts with Mammaw while we were there. Ty and Katie loved her tree. I think they managed to do some redecorating of the lower branches.

Sunday night we went to Shaun and Mary's house for dinner and games. Ty still talks about wanting to go back to Ethan's house.

We also visited with Robin for Pizza and Holiday Charades. Lots of fun!

Mark took the girls sledding in downtown Ypsi. My mom and Uncle Ron took us there when we were little.
We had a wonderful time at the Lions game. Mark is a big Lions fan and is trying to convert E, S, T and K. Sarah loved the claw and I must admit we do have some awesome cheerleaders that were showing their Lion Pride.
Ty enjoyed mimicking the concessions people. It caused quite a few laughs in our area.

One last one for fun! This was at a rest stop and the snow was so irresistable that we had to take a picture!


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Michigan is a great place to visit...and to live in!

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I'm glad you had a great time. It sure looked like a lot of fun!! Great pictures!