Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmasy Stuff

I love Christmas time. We have so many traditions that we 'must' do each year.
Tonight we went to Lakes Park to ride the train. It was freezing cold. (60, but it was high 70's earlier in the day). We sang (alot) along the way. I wonder if people wished they were on a different train, or were they happy to be with happy albiet loud people. Ty and Logan walked right up to Santa. Ty hadn't wanted to go near him any other time this year. Ty asked for Team Geo Trax. Who would have thought? :)
Logan said he wanted Money. (Randy taught him that.) When they were done Ty told me he wasn't afraid, he is a good boy. He knew I was proud of him.
The big girls got their turn too. Emily told Santa she wanted a warmer blanket. Smart kid. (Remember it was freeezing!)
Somehow they convinced Grandma to push them. They were so cold.

Ty said this present was his bed and wanted to take a nap on it. Katie thought that sounded fun. They think the wrapped presents are fun. Wonder what will they think on Thursday when we unwrap them all.

Emily is so excited about everything Christmasy this year. I love her spirit.
These are out of order. Arrgh.
After the Christmas dinner at church we went out to Briarcliff to see the lights.
Ty and Logan loved the jack in the box. I love their happy smiles.

Tay and I bought Katie and Chloe matching dresses. I thought we would get the perfect hair, perfect dress, black patent leather shoes picture, but.....well sometimes life is more like this picture. No shoes on some kids. Only tights on one kid. Dirty faces and dresses. Oh well. They looked adorable! :)
Our little foursome looking might cute! :)
I was teasing Isaiah and Sarah. When these two were younger they were the noisiest kids ever! I used to tell Keela she should get Isaiah's hearing checked. The boy didn't know how to whisper! We were glad he could join us for dinner.
The girls sang with the other girls. They did a beautiful job.
I taught Junior Church in Ty's class Sunday Morning. The Christmas Tree hats were begging for a picture.
I think it is kinda funny that Ty is holding a GeoTrax magazine. He doesn't leave home without it! :)


freetobeme - Anita said...

Good times. Traditions are the times that kids remember years later. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

kellyd said...

Fun..Fun..Fun.. I love Christmas time too!!! I'm happy that you all had a great time together.

We hope you all have a Merry Christmas!!

The Driskells

oodrea1221 said...

Um...if it was "so freezing" outside, why weren't your kids wearing more clothes? It's freezing in the 60s?! How did you survive MI, in the snow?! I love all of the pics...the kids and I just looked at them...Daniel kept saying, "I see Katie" after I told them all of their names...I think Ashley remembers being at your house. I love the collage you made your dad're so creative! We're heading out to eat at the buffet for dinner...we're up at Blackhawk for a couple of's been fun. Chat soon, andrea