Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Ty is 3!

Today Ty celebrated his 3rd birthday! It is hard to believe he is 3. We started off with breakfast at Chick-fil-a with Grandma. Ty loves to tell everyone he is 3.

We went home and started to make the treat bags for his party on Thursday. He told Emily, Sarah and me--Thank you. He was acting so appreciative that we are planning his party. Trying out the goodie bag stuff.

This was his 2nd time in the Wednesday night program, but the 1st time I was there with him. He seemed like such a big boy.
We made cupcakes to share for the snack tonight. His class sang Happy Birthday and Mrs. Gina made a special birthday hat for him to wear.
I think he looks like a cutie in this picture. This is a common stance we see. He is all boy! Emily and I were talking today and we think he should be in Karate. We feel like we are karate chopped all day!
Ty and his buddy Miciah.
Ty and friendsHappy Birthday Ty! We love you!


carole said...

He sure looks like Mark used to look... How he acts?? Not quite like Mark used to.... Wonder where he got that... ha ha Glad he had a Happy Birthday... Wow 3 !!! MOM

freetobeme - Anita said...

Happy Birthday, Ty! You don't know me but you look like you're a fine young man!

amy said...

Happy Birthday to your baby boy!!!

Sherry said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TY!!!! You are growing up fast. Love your karate moves. I wasn't sure if it was karate or you were pretending to be holding a football and charging with your other hand.
I had a great time at breakfast. Can't wait till the party.

Love you,
Love, Grandma/Bump-pa

amy said...

What a cute boy! They all grow to
fast. Cindy Luettich

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Happy Birthday Ty. Looks like you had a great time. Mark, I tried to email you but the email didn't work, I must have wrote it down wrong. Anyway, I did get my music on my blog. Hooray. Thanks for helping me on that. Sue