Monday, October 6, 2008

Govenor Sarah Palin in Fort Myers

Today was an awesome day! Emily, Sarah, Taylin and I went to see Sarah Palin! We arrived at the arena and saw this guy in the midst of the throngs of people driving a fork lift loaded with water. It was Randy!
After that we took a moment to stock up on election t-shirts and buttons. As you can see Emily was quite excited. The line was unbelievable. It wrapped around the building and then snaked around several more times. We thought it would never end.
Taylin was able to deliver her mail very quickly and join us at the rally. She is great for anything that requires screaming. I was glad to not have to sit in front of her! :)
The place was packed! There were two huge banners. The one below and another that said Victory in Florida.
Sarah picked out 2 buttons. She loves the one that says-- Yes, she can!

Here we are. Tired and sweaty, but finally with a seat! Yay!
There were lots of people with signs and t-shirts. The crowd was an experience in itself.
We were in the middle of the row, but we really wanted signs. We had to yell at the 'sign guy' several times to get our signs.
The pictures on stage of Sarah Palin didn't turn out so well. We basically sat behind where she spoke. That means we had huge lights blaring on us.

This picture is when she was getting ready to walk on stage. I just loved all the people with their cameras and camera phones taking pictures.

Gov. Palin did a wonderful job. She didn't say a lot of the 'folksy' phrases that she said at the debate. I was a bit surprised by that. She did do a great job of promoting John McCain and what he stand for. There were a couple of protestors at the rally. One was yelling things at her when she was trying to talk. She paused for a moment, put her hand on her hip and said , " Sir, I just want you to know that my son is over in Iraq right now fighting so that you have the ability to come here and protest at our rally." We started cheering and these blue shirt people just whisked him away.
Her message was very clear and I know where my vote will go come November 4th.

This is a picture that I took of two people in front of us. I just like the way it looks. :)
Afterwards she signed some signs for people. We would like to have been up there, but the people in the front got in line last night.

All in all, it was an amazing experience. However this goes come November, it will go down in history as a very important election. I am so glad that we were be able to be a part of it.


Anonymous said...

I hear there were about 10,000 people there and another 3,000 turned away. You must've had to get there early and wait in line for hours.

carole said...

WOW!!!!!!!!! You must have been SO EXCITED!!!!! Love the t- shirts and signs... What a keepsake... Hope your vote makes the difference in November... Has Sarah changed her name to Sarah Palin yet from Sarah Paige??? Mom

amy said...

What a cool experience for you and your girls.

Sherry said...

WOW!! That was a fantastic experience. I am so glad all of you got to go. I was so excited for you. Ty and I were looking for you on TV in the crowd but he kept getting Palin & Taylin confused. I think he thought I didn't know Taylins name.... :-) Dad and I had a good time with the 4 little ones too.
Loved the tee shirts.
Love, MOM

T.Mark.D. said...

This is me on your new phone.

I love the phone. Can i get one?


Anonymous said...

Glad you enjoyed, Barack said...

Terrifying that a family that seems smart, loving, kind, generous ... would still vote for a couple of pretenders like McCain-Palin. Democracy, eh? Magic.