Monday, October 20, 2008


It looks like I have been tagged by Amy at
So Here goes:
10 Years ago I ...
1. was pregnant with Emily
2. was teaching at Heights and coaching basketball at Cypress with Mark
3. Thought a dirty house meant we hadn't dusted. Ha!
4. thought I would return to back to teaching 6 weeks after Emily was born.
5. drove an Eclipse. (no 4 seater now!)

5 things on todays to do list ...
1. Pay bills
2. Take Emily and Sarah to Cheerleading
3. Do blog post about DC and Fall Festival
4. Take care of the pile of mismatched socks
5. Print off papers for homeschooling

5 snacks I enjoy...
1. Coke
2. Hersheys with Almonds
3. Pecan Pie
4. Reeses
5. Zero Bar

5 places I have lived...
1. Fort Myers, FL
2. Cape Coral, FL
3. Spring Arbor, MI
4. Ypsilanti, MI

5 jobs I have had..
1. Teacher at FLVS
2. Teacher at ECS
3. Teacher at Heights
4. Fort Adventure
5. McDonalds

5 people I tag...
1. Kami
4. Kathi


T.Mark.D. said...

Thanks for taggging me:

10 Years ago I ...
1. was not pregnant with Emily
2. was teaching at Cypress High
3. was thinner
4. played Ages of Empires all night
5. started my now completed NFL mini helment collection.

5 things on todays to do list ...
1. get registration for the Van
2. clean the garage, always on the list
3. read and comment on blogs
4. watch Monday Night Football
5. make a new layout for GeoTrax

5 snacks I enjoy...(Is this Tab's way of getting my Christmas list?)
1. classic coke in a glass bottle
2. a peanut butter cup that is too expensive for my budget - I had it at Joan's house Christmas 2005
3. pecan tassies - I ate 30 of the 50 Tab made for relatives last year. Sorry guys:(
4. movie popcorn- Maybe it is just being at the movies and being with that someone special - Yes- Randy was the last movie date I had.
5. Coldstone Anything

5 places I have lived...
1. Jackson, MI (8 white boys on MLK drive - We stood out)
2. Mio, MI Welfare Capitol of MI
3. Sandusky, MI -wish it were Sandusky OH - home of Cedar Point
4. Oxford, MI
5. Caro, MI

5 jobs I have had..
1. Cut Christmas trees with big blade (1 day- $14 -boss cut me)
2. Burger King night shift (1 night -$24 -too greasy)
3. Carried fire wood from age of 4 to 24 (No pay -see why I moved to FL)
4. FLVS teacher - Love it
5. Father to Four - Priceless
What's in your wallet - I have a photo of my dear family. Don't leave home without it.

5 people I tag...
I am too old to play tag. I would sprain an ankel. Carole - you're it!

Kami said...

Okey Dokey!
I'll play!