Friday, April 16, 2010

A Quick Visit to Orlando

Mark had to be in Orlando on Friday, so the kids and decided we needed to get away too. On our way up we stopped in Dinosaur World. They are running a special this month for homeschoolers, so we figured this would be good time to go. We all had a fabulous time. They have over 150 dinosaur sculpures and many other exhibits to see.

Sarah is sifting sand to look for fossils. We found lots of different kinds of teeth and some bone fragments.

While Mark was in is meeting the rest of us went to the Orlando Science Center.
Emily and Sarah in a flight simulator.

Hoping for a prince?
Katie-future mechanic?

We found a beautiful tree in downtown Orlando. It is a couple of hundred years old. The branches are so long and heavy that they lay on the ground. It was so beautiful underneath the branches.
On the way home, we stopped at Plant City to pick up strawberries for $2.99 a flat! Yum!


Sherry said...

Looks like you all have a wonderful time. Don't you just love to get away for awhile? I love the picture of Mark with his head in the dinosar mouth. :-)
Thanks for calling and picking me up some Strawberries. MMMMMM
I just put 4 quarts in the freezer too.
Love the new blog look.

carole said...

Those are great strawberries.. thanks for buying us 16 quarts.. I just spent the morning hauling them all.. now to maker jam and freeze them... I still can't believe they were less than 40 cents / quart....