Thursday, April 29, 2010

Headed to the Library

A basket full of books and headed to the library. Our family use the library a ton! All 4 kids love to go and check out books. Ty especially likes to ask the librarian for help. He is so thrilled when she is able to find a new space, robot or dinosaur book that we haven't seen before.

Normally I would be the on taking the kids to the library. Today I am loaded with appointments, so Mark is headed there. I love it that he has the freedom to be able to take midday trips with them. I know the kids enjoy the daddy time.

As a homeschooler it seems like most of the educational 'burden' is on the mother. While this is true, I enjoy having a husband that steps in and helps with anything that is asked. He is such a great Dad!

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Sherry said...

Keep up the good work Mark. You two make a great team. I know how the kids love love going to the library. Love the basket of books. :-) That's my grandchildren.