Monday, August 24, 2009

School is in session!

Today the students at Dillehay Christian School happily reported back to work! Yay

We had a great day for our first day back. It makes me happy that our kids enjoy school and are eager to learn. I think we are going to have a wonderful year! We started off with a family prayer time and then headed into the school room. Mark and I had stayed up last night and 'spruced' up the room with new posters, name tags on their desks and set out their new supplies. The kids were excited with the new touches.

Emily is in 5th grade this year. She is taking two courses online with FLVS. She is very excited about being an online student. Emily is a great writer and I always look forward to reading her essays and journals.
Sarah is in 3rd grade this year. We are using a program from Heart of Dakota and I think it will be a great fit for her. Sarah and I enjoyed doing her science work today. She is a good student and loves to keep her work organized.
Ty is very thrilled to be in school. He was so ready to be a real part of our school. I am using a preschool program from Heart of Dakota and we also are working through "Teach your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons." He loves letters and is good at identifying their sounds.

Katie is our newest student and is making her presence known quite quickly! She loves to be right in the mix of the things. We plan to have her follow along with some of the things that Ty is doing. Today we used window chalk and that kept her busy for a long time.

Emiy and Sarah hard at work with the globe. Very studious faces!

Ty and Katie working on a matching games. I was so excited about my file folder game, but it took them less than a minute to match them up. They loved it just the same.

I am so glad that I have the opportunity to homeschool. At times it can be difficult to have both of us working full time out of the home and manage homeschooling and other activites we have in life, but I cherish the time we have with our children.
And lastly, You know you are a homeschooler if........
you can wear rollerskates while you do your math!


Sherry said...

Yeah!!! School Started. You have such intelligent looking students. I know Emily is going to publish a book some day and I will get the first edition (sorry Tab she already promised it to me). And Sarah will trip while reading a book and roller skating at the sames time and will wonder if she should just sit on the ground and finish the book or roll to Mom and Dad
with bleeding knees. Love Ty's fashion statement and Katie will always let her presence be made known. Have a fantastic year Dillehay Christian School. I'll be praying for you.
Love, MOM/Grandma

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Tabitha and Mark,
Congrats on your first day of school with the kids. You do so well with your children. They are quite the prize and blessing. We will have you in our prayers too as you have a good year teaching. Hugs

amy said...

Looks like a great first day..What a rewarding job!!!!!
PS..Glad to see you posting again. I need to end my hiatus as well. Have a great second school day!!!

Kami Gimenez said...

Hey Tab!
Sounds like a great first day! I love Ty's attire. So cute!

Jenna said...

Well, you updated! Now I must do mine too; such pressure. Looks like a fun school room. Looking forward to joining our schools together in some activities this year. Have a great one!