Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We went to the Annual Edison Festival of Light 1 1/2 weeks ago. The Roberts Family joined us and we had a great time. I have been going to this parade since I was a kid and I love to take my own. (They are watching fireworks in the pics below.) I always appreciate my mom going early to save our spots. Thanks mom!
Brooke, Sarah and Emily
Parades are Katie's thing. It means sitting and watching fun stuff and.....eating! Yum. I think she sampled EVERYONES snacks. She also enjoyed waving to everyone. She waved with such devotion. I think she thought they were all waving at her, not the crowd, just her.
Katie and Chloe are so cute together. Chloe is getting used to the very affectionate hugs that Katie gives her.
Katie is also our thumb sucker and hair twirler. Emily and Sarah just being goofy.

My latest garage sale find is this wondeful Library cart. I love it! The man I bought it from got it from Edison College Library. He works there and they were getting rid of the awhile back. I love it because it is compact, rolls very easily and fits all of our homeschooling books.
I seriously love this cart.
Here it is in action. This is a typical morning at our house. Mark working. Emily and Sarah schooling. Ty and Katie coloring. Me taking pictures.
Here is another day. This is pre-cart days, so notice the messy pile of books on the table. (I just love my cart.)
Sarah got her hair cut and looks so cute! She went for a layered look and takes pride in fixing it herself. I think she looks much older!

We enjoyed having Mammaw over for lunch and to play games. She loves to play bananagrams, 300 wishes and Blokus and so do we!

Just wanted to share my youngest students!

Nice cheese smily from Katie!


Kami said...

I missed the parade! That was one of the many highlights growing up!
I LOVE your cart! Don't you love finding homeschool stuff that keeps you so much more organized. I do!
Love ya Sis,

kellyd said...

WOW....I'm way behind looking at pictures. And blogging for that matter. I'll get back into it in a couple weeks.

I love all of the pictures..the party, the parade (especially the one of the girls twirling their hair and sucking their thumbs:) Very cute!

I hope you all are doing good!


Sherry said...

Your Welcome. I love the parade too and next year we're doing what we say we're always doing. :-)

Love all the pictures.
Love, MOM

p.s. I found the library cart. :-)

ruth said...

I can see why you love the cart...I love those kind of things to organize stuff on!