Thursday, March 12, 2009

Emily-Double Digit!

Hard to believe, but Emily has hit double digits! On March 10th, she turned 10 years old. We celebrated and had a great time!

On Friday before her birthday, she invited some of her friends over for a party.

They started off in the backyard with silly string, squirt guns and a water slide. They had loads of fun and there was lots of high pitched, girly screaming! I'm sure the neighbors enjoyed it. :)

All the girls made flip flops to take home. Emily picked out the fabric and I think they looked great.

On her actual birthday we decided to head to Fort Myers Beach to go Parasailing. I just love this picture.

This is the reason I am chicken to go. Makes my stomach turn, but Mark, Emily and Sarah loved it!

Smiley Sarah! Emily is hoping we do this for Sarah's birthday too! She wants to reap the benefits.

While we waited for them to finish, Katie, Ty and I just hung out on the sand. Katie thought that would be a great time for a sand facial. She patted the cold, wet sand all over her face. She loved it. Several people passed me and told me she had sand in her face/eyes. The girl was all smiles and didn't seem to mind. I just let her play.

She was a teeny bit excited.

My mom had planned to go with them, but my Grandma June was feeling sick so she bowed out to go check on her. Grandma is in the hospital with pneumonia. Please keep her in your prayers.

That evening we headed to Lakes Park to fly kites and have cake.
I had to put this picture in. I couldn't believe I didn't have another one of Mammaw. She was at the beach with us and Lakes Park and the only picture I have is of her untangling kites. Sorry Mammaw. We did keep busy with those kites!

Some more kite fliers! Tay, Randy, Logan and Chloe were there too! I think I chased too many kites and didn't get enough pictures.

Our four sweeties! 10, 8, 3 and 1.

Here are some more pictures of our 10 year old.


carole said...

Such a nice post about Emily.. You sure do know how to celebrate birthdays..... Don't forget Dad's on the 30th.. I love cake!! ha ha

Sherry said...

EMILY, I can't believe you are double digits already. You're growing up fast and I love the young lady you are becoming. :-)
Sorry I had to miss the parasailing. I knew you would love it. I can't wait to go on your Mom's Birthday. I'm going to be first in line.
Love you,
Love, Grandma

freetobeme - Anita said...

Excellent photo's and what a beautiful girl!

Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

This has got to be the best time of your life. You all look like you are having so much fun. Great pictures Tabitha! Thanks for sharing your wonderful family with all of us. -The Husteds

ruth said...

Wow Emily is absolutely beautiful...and you can tell she is on the inside and the outside just from looking at her smile. Wish we lived closer so she could play with my two girls:).