Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mama's Mission

Mission of the Month
I got this idea from Mama-Jean's blog.
One good(maybe) thing aobut putting your missions on the internet is you will have loads of accountability.
My goals for September:
(I know it is August still, but hey a headstart never hurts!)
-Finish our Family Vacation book and have it ready to publish on Mixbook
I have already started loading pictures and making pages, but having a deadline will keep me focused.
-Run 3-4 days a week every week
I plan to run my first 5k in October. I am loving Couch to 5k, but with the run for tomorrow the times start to pick up. I know I can do it, but sometimes mentally I try to talk myself out of it.
-Have Katie's birthday party
This is in the works and since I absolutely love to have birthday parties I know it will happen. There is a lot of little things to get done including invites ready for church on Sunday.
-Organize the school room
We are off to our smoothest start of school ever. At the end of each day I seem to have piles of items to put away, organize, hole punch and file. I just feel like there can be a better system. I just need to figure it out. to get busy!

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carole said...

Wow!! and I though you were going to say... swim at in-laws..... what are you doing Saturday when the guys go to Promise Keepers??? Mom