Monday, September 7, 2009

Katie's Party

We had a great time celebrating Katie's 2nd Birthday. We planned an outdoor Luau, but due to rain it turned into an indoor Luau. We invited family and our friends the Driskells and had a fabulous time!
In the past few weeks Katie has become enthralled with Dora. We bought her a small Dora cake just for her!

Katie got lots of cool gifts! Her favorite was probably the cell phone. After she opened all of her gifts she had to take several calls. She is a busy girl.

Ty was very proud of buying her a gift. He picked out a little Dora house.
Being goofy with the big sunglasses....

She did a great job blowing out her candles!

We had a Hawaiian themed menu with Steak, Ham and Chicken Shish-ka-bobs. They were delicious. The ambrosia was delicious and sadly there was none was leftovers. :(

I love this picture. My girls and their 2 grandmas.

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Sherry said...

Had a great time at the party. Katie was so cute when she finally figured out that those were presents for her. Where did this past year go to??? She's growing so fast and talking so good.
Happy Early Birthday Katie.