Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spending time with Grandma and Grandpa Motorhome

We had a fun week with Grandma and Grandpa here to visit. They came Monday-Saturday. They were a big help as usual. Grandpa did some painting and helped Mark with most of a playhouse. Grandma did laundry and helped whenever needed including homeschooling.

We also enjoy our visits with them.

Here are G and the girls making Caramel Apples.

Oops. How did that get here?

The weather turned a bit chilly while they were here, but we enjoyed being outside anyway.
Grandpa and Dad hard at work.

We also went to Chuck E Cheese. We went at lunch time on Thursday, so the place was really empty. Ty raced cars against Grandpa and ...Grandma was the skee ball champ! Who knew she had this hidden talent? Go Grandma!
They had been working on this online Name That Tune and kept getting stuck on the section of 80's music. They thought we might be, not so much. Mark was very good at it. Between the 3 of them, they finished the whole game. Yay!
They were also here for Halloween. Here the kids are at a halfway time for trick or treating. Katie, with bottle in hand, is heading to bed none the wiser that the rest were going out for more candy.
Grandma and Grandpa manned the door and passed out candy for us.

Thanks for coming to visit. We had a really good time. :)


carole said...

It really was a lot of fun!!! The girls even shared some of their Halloween candy. Glad you posted some of the pictures as I did not take one picture with my camera..

Sherry said...

Looks like you had a great time.